Hongjun Choi

Current Institution: Purdue University

Email: choi293@purdue.edu

Bio: Hongjun Choi is a Ph.D. candidate in the Computer Science Department at Purdue University, advised by Xiangyu Zhang. His research interest lies in broadly software and systems security, focusing on autonomous cyber-physical systems security. He has recently proposed holistic solutions to various security problems in CPS, including physical attack detection, sensor attack recovery, new types of vulnerability identification, and CPS forensics. His work has appeared in multiple top-tier security and software engineering venues such as CCS, NDSS, and ESEC/FSE.

Abstract: Towards Secure and Reliable Robotic Vehicles with Holistic Modeling and Program Analysis

My research focuses on security and reliability of vehicular cyber-physical systems (CPS), also known as robotic vehicles (RVs), such as self-driving cars and drones, that are safety-critical systems based on the seamless integration of cyber and physical components. Beyond traditional cyber-only computing systems, these complex and integrated CPS have unique characteristics. From the security perspective, they open unique research opportunities since they introduce additional attack vectors and post new challenges that existing cyber-oriented approaches cannot address well. My research aims to build secure and reliable autonomous CPS by bridging the gap between the cyber and physical domains. To this end, my work focuses on fundamental research questions associated with cyber-physical attack and defense, vulnerability discovery and elimination, and post-attack investigation. My approach to solving the problems involves various techniques and interdisciplinary knowledge, including program analysis, software engineering, control theory, robotics, and AI/machine learning.